Van Amsterdam naar Leiden

Leiden (NL) – Door de samenvoeging van de natuurhistorische collecties van Amsterdam en Leiden zou het instituut dat dan ontstaat in de top vijf komen van de Europese natuurhistorische musea. De samenvoeging van de collecties van het Leidse museum Naturalis en…  Lees verder »


(1) Multatuli, Collected works III, Garmond Editie, idea nr. 550 (2) K.R Popper. The logic of scientific discovery. Hutchinson. London, 1959 K.R. Popper. Objective Knowledge, an evolutionary Approach. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1972 (3) R. Audi, gen. Ed. The…  Lees verder »

4.2 Organizational Structure

Heads of universities and research institutes are responsible for an adequate organizational structure. Taking into account the size of each scientific unit, the responsibilities for direction, supervision, conflict resolution, and quality assurance must be clearly allocated, and their effective fulfillment…  Lees verder »

4.3 Education in Good Scientific Practice

Universities and research institutes shall develop standards for mentorship and make them binding for the heads of the individual scientific working units. Working groups as a rule consist of a mix of older and younger, experienced and less experienced scientists…  Lees verder »

2.2 Values and Judgment in Science

Scientists bring more than just a toolbox of techniques to their work. Scientist must also make complex decisions about the interpretation of data, about which problems to pursue, and about when to conclude an experiment. They have to decide the…  Lees verder »

4.4 Safeguarding Quality of Research

Universities and research institutes shall always give originality and quality precedence before quantity in their criteria for performance evaluation. This applies to academic degrees, to career advancement, appointments and the allocation of resources. For the individual scientist and scholar, the…  Lees verder »

Preface and acknowledgements

In the US (1), Germany (2), Denmark (3) and Great Britain (4) the first initiatives were taken for safeguarding Good Research Practice (GSP) by self regulation in the scientific community. Institutions have been formed in these countries on the federal…  Lees verder »

2.3 Publication and Openness

“We thus begin to see that the institutionalized practice of citations and references in the sphere of learning is not a trivial matter. While many a general reader – that is, the lay reader located outside the domain of science and…  Lees verder »

4.5 Storage of primary DATA

Primary data as the basis for publications shall be securely stored for ten years in a durable form in the institution of their origin. A scientific finding normally is a complex product of many single working steps. In all experimental…  Lees verder »